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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Sony PlayStation
Enter these codes as a user name.

El Nino carRocket
Toy room trackPlaytm
Caverns trackXcav8
Auto cross trackXcntry
Space station trackMnbeam
Empire CityMcityz
Jaguar xjr1Jagx
Underwater trackGldfsh
Additional viewsSeealli
Playroom trackPlaytm
Get all carsSpoilt
Mercedes GTKAmgmrc

Enter these codes just after the Press Start screen.

Flip car when using hornStart + Select + R1 + L2
Slower gameLeft + Square + Circle
Increase weightLeft + Square + Circle
Cops speak with accentUp + R1 + L2
Different Cop LanguageUp + R2 + L1
Different Cop LanguageDown + R2 + L1
Different Cop LanguageLeft + R2 + L1
Different Cop LanguageRight + R2 + L1


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