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Madden NFL 2001
Sony PlayStation
Lionpower'57 Lions
Goldrush'57 49ers
Jollygreen'58 Giants
Stables'58 Colts
Getem'62 Texans
Therewasaman '62 Oilers
Megiveyou'66 Chiefs
Champs'66 Packers
Whoshotjr'66 Cowboys
Blitzer'67 Rams
Snowplow'67 Packers
Tundra'67 Cowboys
Heidi'68 Raiders
Shocker'68 Colts
Tvtimeout'68 Jets
Nofluke'69 Chiefs
Allfluke'69 Vikings
Damnyankees'70 Jets
MNF'70 Browns
Overtime'71 Chiefs
Longestgame'71 Dolphins
Airtime'72 Jets
Sour'72 Raiders
Lucky'72 Steelers
Airshow'72 Colts
Perfect'72 Dolphins
Steelcurtain'74 Steelers
Defenders'74 Dolphins
Struggle'74 Raiders
Purple'75 Vikings
Hailmary'75 Cowboys
Miracleleap'75 Steelers
Theghost'77 Raiders
Ghosttothepost'77 Colts
Cannedtune'78 Dolphins
Recordnight'78 Cowboys
Dynasty'78 Steelers
Roller'78 Chargers
Holy'78 Raiders
Earl'78 Oilers
Aheadatthehalt'79 Redskins
Comeback'79 Cowboys
Ironman'81 Chargers
Tigers'81 Bengals
Blockedkick'81 Dolphins
Thecatch'81 49ers
Nochance'81 Cowboys
Dantheman'84 Dolphins
Madden84'84 All Madden
Upset'85 Bears
Flyaway'85 Falcons
Blowout'85 Patriots
Thedrive'86 Broncos
86Madden'86 All Madden
Madden88'88 All Madden
Crushed'89 Broncos
90Madden'90 All Madden
Wideright'90 Bills
Neonlights'91 Falcons
Madden92'92 All Madden
Comebackkid'92 Bills
Notagain'93 Bills
94Madden'94 All Madden
Charge'94 Chargers
Madden96'96 All Madden
Defense'96 Panthers
Almost'96 Packers
Thecatchtwo'98 49ers
Noluck'98 Packers
Missedchance'98 Vikings
98Madden'98 All Madden
GoldninersAll 49ers
BrownbearAll Bears
BluebillsAll Bills
BuckingbroncoAll Broncos
BluechargersAll Chargers
RedchiefsAll Chiefs
WhitecoltsAll Colts
BluecowboysAll Cowboys
AquafinsAll Dolphins
GreeneaglesAll Eagles
BlackfalconsAll Falcons
BiggiantsAll Giants
GreenjetsAll Jets
SilverlionsAll Lions
YellowpackAll Packers
BigcatsAll Panthers
RedpatsAll Patriots
SilverraidAll Raiders
GoldramsAll Rams
RedindiansAll Redskins
MarchinginAll Saints
BlacksteelAll Steelers
ConquerAll Vikings
InthegameEA Sports

Have the player crawl:
To have a player crawl on the floor, before the snap run to the goal post you will fall and start to crawl. Hint: if you are really close to the goal post try to tackle to opposite team player while you are crawling. He will fumble the ball. It may need a couple of tries before it happens.
(supplied by: sike!)

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