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Vigilante 8: Second Offense
Sega Dreamcast
Go to "Options", highlight "Game Status", hold L + R and press A, A then enter the cheatcodes.

RAPID_FIRERapid fire
BLAST_FIRESuper missiles
GO_RAMMINGHeavier cars
QUICK_PLAYFast action
UNDER_FIREAttract enemies
JACK_IT_UPHigh suspensions
GO_MONSTERBig wheels
DRIVE_ONLYNo wheel attachment icons
LONG_MOVIEView all ending sequences
GO_SLOW_MOSlow-motion mode
HOME_ALONENo enemies in arcade mode
MORE_SPEEDFaster cars
NO_GRAVITYNo gravity
MIXES_CARSSame cars in multi-player
OLD_LEVELSOriginal Vigilante 8 levels
HI_CEILINGHover Higher


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