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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Sega Dreamcast
Pause the game, hold L then enter the codes:

Cheat modeA, A, A, X, Y, Up, Down, Left, Up, X, Y, A, Y, B, A, Y, B
All levelsUp, Y, Right, Up, X, Y, Right, Up, Left, X, X, Up, B, B, Up, Right
Special meter always fullA, Y, B, B, Up, Left, Y, X
Full statsA, Y, B, X, Y, Up, Down
Turbo modeDown, X, Y, Right, Up, B, Down, X, Y, Right, Up, B
Blood modeRight, Up, X, Y
Kid ModeB, Up, Up, Left, Left, B, Up, Down, X
Jet Pack ModeUp, Up, Up, Up, A, X, Up, Up, Up, Up, A, X, Up, Up, Up, Up
$5000A, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left, Right
Unlimited balanceRight, Up, Left, X, Right, Up, X, Y
Disco modeDown, Up, X, B, Up, Left, Up, A
Wireframe modeDown, B, Right, Up, X, Y
100,000 PointsX, B, Right, X, B, Right, X, B, Right
Finish the gameB, Left, Uk, Right, B, Left, Up, Right, A, B, Left, Up, Right, B, Left, Up, Right
Mirror modeUp, Down, Left, Right, Y, A, X, B, Up, Down, Left, Right, Y, A, X, B
Slo-Nic modeB, Up, Y, X, A, Y, B
Unlock all gapsDown, Up, Left, Left, B, Left, Up, Y, Y, Up, Right, X, X, Up, A
Skip To RestartX, Y, Right, Up, Down, Up, Left, X, Y, Right, Up, Down, Up, Left, B, Up, Left, Y
All secret charactersX, B, Right, Y, Circle, Right, B, Y, Right, X, Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, X


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