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NFL Blitz 2000
Sega Dreamcast
Cheat Codes:

At the versus screen, press the TURBO, JUMP and PASS buttons the indicated number of times.
ie 5-2-5 is TURBO 5 times, JUMP 2 times and PASS 5 times.

Infinite turbo5-1-4 Up
Big football 0-5-0 Right
Big head 2-0-0 Right
Super field goals 1-2-3 Left
No interceptions 3-4-4 Up
Show field goal % 0-0-1 Down
Power-up offense 3-1-2 Up
Fast turbo running 0-3-2 Left
Super blitzing 0-4-5 Up
Power-up blockers 3-1-2 Left
Hide receiver name 1-0-2 Right
Invisible 4-3-3 Up
No random fumbles 4-2-3 Down
No first downs 2-1-0 Up
No punting 1-5-1 Up
Allow stepping out of bounds 2-1-1 Left
Fast passes 2-5-0 Left
Late hits 0-1-0 Up
Red, white and blue football 3-2-3 Left
Weather: clear 2-1-2 Left
Power-up defense 4-2-1 Up
Power-up teammates 2-3-3 Up
Weather: snow 5-2-5 Down
Weather: rain 5-5-5 Right
Arizona Cardinals playbook 1-0-1 Left
Atlanta Falcons playbook 1-0-2 Left
Baltimore Ravens playbook 1-0-3 Left
Buffalo Bills playbook 1-0-4 Left
Huge head 0-4-0 Up
No head 3-2-1 Left
Unlimited throwing distance 2-2-3 Right
Carolina Panthers playbook 1-0-5 Left
Chicago Bears playbook 1-1-0 Left
Cincinnati Bengals playbook 1-1-2 Left
Jacksonville Jaguars playbook 1-2-4 Left
Tampa Bay Buccaneers playbook 1-5-4 Left
Tennessee Titans playbook 1-5-5 Left
Oakland Raiders playbook 1-4-2 Left
Philadelphia Eagles playbook 1-4-3 Left
Headless team 1-2-3 Right
Cleveland Browns playbook 1-1-3 Left
Kansas City Chiefs playbook 1-2-5 Left
Miami Dolphins playbook 1-3-1 Left
Minnesota Vikings playbook 1-3-2 Left
New England Patriots playbook 1-3-3 Left
New Orleans Saints playbook 1-3-4 Left
Dallas Cowboys playbook 1-1-4 Left
Denver Broncos playbook 1-1-5 Right
Detroit Lions playbook 1-2-1 Left
Green Bay Packers playbook 1-2-2 Left
Indianapolis Colts playbook 1-2-3 Up
Team big heads 2-0-3 Right
New York Giants playbook 1-3-5 Left
New York Jets playbook 1-4-1 Left
Seattle Seahawks playbook 1-5-2 Left
St. Louis Rams playbook 1-5-3 Left
Pittsburgh Steelers playbook 1-4-4 Left
San Diego Chargers playbook 1-4-5 Left
San Francisco 49ers playbook 1-5-1 Left
Washington Redskins playbook 2-0-1 Left

2p. agreement:
Hyper blitz5-5-5 Up
Show more field0-2-1 Right
No play selection1-1-5 Left
Power-up speed4-0-4 Left
No CPU assistance0-1-2 Down

1p. only:
Deranged blitz mode2-1-2 Down
Smart CPU opponent3-1-4 Down
Ultra hard mode3-2-3 Up

2p. only:
Super blitz mode 4-4-4 Up
Super passing mode 4-2-3 Right
Tournament mode 1-1-1 Down


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