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NBA Hoopz
Sega Dreamcast
At the versus screen, press TURBO, SHOOT and PASS the indicated number of times
ie 5-2-5 is TURBO 5 times, SHOOT 2 times and PASS 5 times.

Street court3-2-0 Left
Big heads3-0-0 Right
Tiny heads3-3-0 Left
Infinite turbo3-1-2 Up
Beach court0-2-3 Left
Show hotspot1-1-0 Down
Tiny players5-4-3 Left
Granny shots1-2-1 Left
Show shot %0-1-1 Down
Home uniform0-1-4 Right
Play as Dr. Atomic5-4-4 Left
Away uniform0-2-4 Right
ABA ball1-1-1 Right
No goaltending4-4-4 Left
No fouls2-2-2 Right (2p. only)
No hotspots3-0-1 Up (2p only.)


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