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Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
Sega Dreamcast
Pause the game, hold L and enter the code:

Perfect BalanceX, Left, Up, Right
Unlimited SpecialLeft, Down, Y, B, Up, Left, Y, X
Get 10X PointsX, B, B, Up, Down, Down
Get 10X less PointsUp, Down, Up, B, B, X
Get high JumpingUp, Up, Up, Up
Get Big TiresDown, B, B, Down
Get Balance DisplayLeft, B, X, Y, X, B, A
Get Slo Mo ModeX, Y, B, A
Get GrannyUp, X, A, A, Down, B
Get New ColorsDown, Down, Down, Down
Get More Course timeX, Up, B, A


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