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Simpsons: Road Rage
At the Options menu, hold L + R, then enter the codes.

Unlock Soapbox CarB, B, Y, X
Unlock Mr. Burn's CarB, B, Y, Y
Unlock Nuclear BusB, B, Y, A
More MoneyY, Y, Y, Y (PAL version only)
More Camera ViewsB, B, B, B
Night ModeA, A, A, A
Flat CharactersX, X, X, X
Collision LinesB, B, A, A
Overhead view X, X, X, Y
Stop timeX, B, Y, A
Slo-Mo ModeA, X, B, Y
New Year's KrustyB, B, X, Y (or set the date to Jan 1)
Halloween BartB, B, X, A (or set the date to Oct 10)
Thanksgiving MargeB, B, X, X (or set the date to Nov 22)
Christmas ApuB, B, X, B (or set the date to Dec 25)

Boat trick:
Push any unimportant character in the hole under the pile of rocks by the church. Then go get the boat out of water hole. If the character is still in the hole push boat on top of it and hit the boat a few times and the character will get in the boat. Push boat out of hole then push it around town or put in water hole and it will float around with character still inside the boat.
(supplied by: dollardog)


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