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Osiris: New Dawn
Text Edit for Resources

(supplied by: Osiris_set)

Build a storage locker.
Mine a nearby resource like Aluminum/copper/gold etc.
Split the load in your inventory until you have enough to fill all the slots in the storage locker and put them in there.
Save your game.
Quit to main menu.

Locate the folder OsirisNewDawnSave
Find Utilities.txt and open in text editor.
locate your resource in the file and replace it with another.
The Number between the | character is the quantity.
To type | hold the ALT key and on the keypad type 124 (ps make sure numlock is on)





Changed 5 lead into 50 gold.
Restart game or continue from main menu.
Check your storage locker.
There are 4 different files which work the same way Utilities:(outdoor), Structures, Furniture and Vehicles.
All store the resources the same way.


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