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Elune Saga
Heroes that are placed at the front will take all damage. Characters at the back are usually safe from enemy damage. Position your low health units and healers at the rear and keep higher health heroes at the front. Keep your friends at the front; if a character dies it gets less experience points.

Soulstones are earned through progression and completing achievements. You must expend 100 Soulstones to get a new special hero. You can get also get some extra souls from the market to improve the current stats of your heroes, at a cheaper cost. Try to collect souls and continue playing to upgrade your heroes instead of spending so much on a single hero.

Summon souls:
When summoning souls using Soulstones, get a chunk of stones first, then start summoning. The next soul you summon in sequence is always cheaper. You will end up paying only 57 Soulstones for two summons in a row, instead of 60.

Use one star souls to upgrade your existing better souls. If you have two star souls that are worse than the ones you already have, also use them in the upgrade process. Always upgrade your best souls. The elements are also important; use the same element with the soul to get a bonus when upgrading.

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