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Banjo Kazooie
Nintendo 64
Enter Banjo's house, stand on the green rug and look Bottles' picture twice. Complete each puzzle and receive a code, enter it by using the Beak buster on the tiles in the Underwater Castle in Treasure Trove Cove.

bottlesbonusoneBig head Banjo
bottlesbonustwoBig hands Banjo
bottlesbonusthreeBig head Kazooie
bottlesbonusfourStretch-out Banjo
bottlesbonusfiveBanjo with a small head
bigbottlesbonusGiant Banjo and big head Kazooie
nobonusNormal Form
blueggs200 eggs
redfeathers100 red feathers
goldfeathers20 gold feathers
breldufeatherggs200 eggs and 100 feathers
blueredgoldfeathersRestore all items
cheatnowyoucanflyhighintheskyUnlimited red feathers
cheatbanjobegsforplentyofeggsUnlimited blue eggs
cheatdontbeadumbogoseemumbo100 Mumbo tokens
cheatanenergybartogetyoufar8 honeycombs
cheatgivethebearlotsofairUnlimited air
cheatlotsofgoeswithmanybanjosUnlimited lives
cheatagoldenglowtoprotectbanjoUnlimited gold feathers
wishywashybanjoWashing machine Banjo


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