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102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue
Game Boy Color
02: Dice, Bone, Bone, Dice
03: Dice, Key, Bone, Machine
04: Dice, Bone, Food Bowl, Toy
05: Bone, Dice, Dog, Bone
06: Bone, Dice, Machine, Food Bowl
07: Bone, Bone, Paw, Dog
08: Bone, Bone, Paw, Toy
09: Bone, Toy, Key, Bone
10: Bone, Toy, Key, Dice
11: Bone, Toy, Bone, Machine
12: Bone, Machine, Dice, Toy
13: Bone, Machine, Toy, Key
14: Bone, Toy, Paw, Food Bowl
15: Bone, Toy, Toy, Machine
16: Bone, Paw, Toy, Toy
17: Toy, Bone, Key, Bone
Extra level 1: Machine, Dice, Dice, Dice
Extra level 2: Machine, Dice, Dice, Machine

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