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Ultra Street Fighter IV
To enter these prize codes, simply access the Player Data screen from the main menu. At the bottom of the list of available options, "Prize Code" should be visible. Selecting this option will pop out a text entry field which should be filled with the following strings to unlock their respective title.

"Angry Dog" - LPTPV4J9PMLW5B
"Chocolate-Chip Cookie" - 2592B6JIV6CR49
"Capcom Fighter" - 8TGIXJVLEKEHG8
"Best Combo" - 82SPR56FW3JX48
"Cheers!" - 0QLBUU3LB7R8WO
"Better Luck Next Time!" - M42OLW0IHGLGMJ
"Breath of Summer" - H3EO9O5MZTCMLQ
"Justice till the End" - 1H98PF2079P43T
"Pro Animator" - T9N4MH7IIHT3R0
"Lightning Blast" - XVCXTA1Y16R9AG
"Bold Cat" - OFU11HD1VC3TJ5
"Absolute Drama" - W0ZSV5SYW2ZEEJ
"Skillful Brother" - 277B47IFXCUUXB
"Nightmare" - 7QSID0IM3PPY3V
"Hit Me Again" - FPWA10SMZ378IT

(supplied by: DANTE2RARAY)


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