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Trials: Fusion
Playstation 4

 A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing (Bronze)
Objective: Purchase the complete set of a fully upgraded outfit

 Full Throttle III (Bronze)
Objective: Complete all 'Full Throttle' Track Challenges in the first 8 Events

 I Like What You've Done There (Bronze)
Objective: Post a time on another player's created track

 Leaving a Fine Lookin' Fossil (Bronze)
Objective: Hold a 'Proud Hero' pose to your demise, dressed in an Excavator outfit

 The Bike is Your Hula Hoop (Bronze)
Objective: Score 20,000 points from one jump on an FMX track

 The Fifth Key (Bronze)
Objective: Use the Track Editor to find and pick up the 'Fifth Key' in the Fusion world

 The Full Cavity Treatment (Bronze)
Objective: Complete all 3 Track Challenges on any track

 Through The Fires of Hell (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Inferno IV

 Unyielding III (Bronze)
Objective: Complete all 'Unyielding' Track Challenges in the first 8 Events

 Wax On, Wax Off (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Training Program 2

 Quadratic (Bronze)
Objective: 0-fault Fusion Factory with the Quad Bike

 All Your Game Are Belong to Us (Silver)
Objective: Acquire the Trials Trophy

 Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed (Silver)
Objective: Find all of the squirrels hidden within the first 8 Events

 Is There Anything You Can't Do? (Silver)
Objective: Completed every Track Challenge in the first 8 Events

 Scrooging Around (Silver)
Objective: Earn 24 Gold medals

 Secret Trophies

 That's Not Right! (Bronze)
Objective: Get run over by your own bike


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