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Killer Is Dead
Playstation 3

 9 to 1 on Goliath (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 4.

 Alice in Dead Land (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 3.

 Brilliant Shoulder Throw (Bronze)
Objective: Used "Just Guard" 100 times.

 Brought Down to Size (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 9.

 Bryan-Approved Sniper (Bronze)
Objective: Killed 100 enemies using head shots.

 Feeling So High (Bronze)
Objective: Sliced an enemy upward and finished it in the air.

 Float Like a Gadfly (Bronze)
Objective: Used "Dodge Burst" 100 times.

 Gift Collector (Bronze)
Objective: Gave a present 50 times or more.

 Gigolo Begins (Bronze)
Objective: Cleared 6 challenge missions.

 Gigolo Side Story (Bronze)
Objective: Cleared 12 challenge missions.

 Had a Bad Dream! (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 5.

 Have You Got Clean Hands? (Bronze)
Objective: Killed an enemy with an enemy attack.

 In Your Dreams (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 8.

 Kidnapper Executed (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 1.

 Killer at the Gate of Dawn (Bronze)
Objective: Cleared all episodes on Normal Mode.

 Moon King (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 12.

 No More Spoils (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 6.

 Office Workers (Bronze)
Objective: Cleared 6 sub-missions.

 Office's Affairs (Bronze)
Objective: Cleared 3 sub-missions.

 Passport to Infinity (Bronze)
Objective: Changed costume to Ulti-Mondo.

 Perfect Job (Bronze)
Objective: Cleared all missions.

 Reliable Friends (Bronze)
Objective: Got revived by Mika 20 times.

 Scarlett Chaser (Bronze)
Objective: Unlocked 6 challenge missions.

 Scarlett Stalker (Bronze)
Objective: Unlocked 12 challenge missions.

 Scratch One Samurai (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 7.

 Sexy Man Whose Blood is Dripping (Bronze)
Objective: Increased BLOOD to maximum upgrade level.

 Suck Like a Leech (Bronze)
Objective: Killed an enemy using the "Burst Rush."

 The Criminal is Dead (Bronze)
Objective: Ranked AAA executioner on 12 missions.

 The Skinny Controller (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 10.

 Toast to Forerunner (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 2.

 Ultimate Physical Beauty (Bronze)
Objective: Increased HEALTH to maximum upgrade level.

 Won't Play With You (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Episode 11.

 Assassins Never Say Die (Silver)
Objective: Cleared all sub-missions.

 Cash Enough For Love (Silver)
Objective: Have a total of $100 million in cash.

 Darksider of the Moon (Silver)
Objective: Cleared all episodes on Very Hard Mode.

 Geisha Girl (Silver)
Objective: Made Koharu your prisoner in body and soul.

 Gigolo Mastership (Silver)
Objective: Cleared all challenge missions.

 Happiest Man on Earth (Silver)
Objective: Received 20 rewards from the beauties.

 Left-Hand Man (Silver)
Objective: Increased all sub-weapons to maximum upgrade level.

 Lucky Girl (Silver)
Objective: Made Scarlett your prisoner in body and soul.

 Mondo's Girls Collection (Silver)
Objective: Collected all female costumes.

 Obscured by the Moonlight (Silver)
Objective: Cleared all episodes on Hard Mode.

 Passionate Girl (Silver)
Objective: Made Natalia your prisoner in body and soul.

 Right-Hand Man (Silver)
Objective: Increased all Attack and Special skills.

 Scarlett-Approved Stalker (Silver)
Objective: Unlocked all challenge missions.

 The Maniac is Dead (Silver)
Objective: Ranked AAA executioner on 24 missions.

 The Mass Murderer is Dead (Gold)
Objective: Ranked AAA executioner on 44 missions.

 Perfect Killer (Platinum)
Objective: Collected all Trophies.


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