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Lost Planet 3
Playstation 3

 A Winner Is You! (Bronze)
Objective: Won a Multiplayer Match.

 Armed and Dangerous (Bronze)
Objective: First Weapon Upgrade Purchased.

 Big Bang (Bronze)
Objective: Unlocked Sphere Cell.

 Deadly Catch (Bronze)
Objective: Delivered The T-Eng Canister 2 times during a multiplayer Outpost Scenario match.

 Feels Like The First Time (Bronze)
Objective: Perform your first Stealth Kill in a Multiplayer Game.

 First Tag (Bronze)
Objective: Tagged an Albino Tarkaa.

 Heavy Reader (Bronze)
Objective: Found 50% of Logs.

 History Lesson (Bronze)
Objective: Found a Memento.

 Home Improvement (Bronze)
Objective: Purchase First Rig Upgrade.

 Lost Log (Bronze)
Objective: Found a Log.

 Riding Shotgun (Bronze)
Objective: Get a kill while on the Battlecat.

 Scorched Earth Policy (Bronze)
Objective: Destroyed Satellite Array.

 Stop Stalking Me (Bronze)
Objective: Killed 20 Wardeyes during a multiplayer Research Lab Akrid Survival match.

 Top Dog (Bronze)
Objective: Delivered the T-Eng Canister 3 times during a multiplayer Alpha Lair Scenario match.

 Touchdown (Bronze)
Objective: Delivered the T-Eng Canister to win a multiplayer Quarantine Scenario match.

 You're the best...AROUND! (Bronze)
Objective: Won every Scenario.

 Big Spender (Silver)
Objective: Bought every Weapon and Rig Upgrade.

 Campaign Complete (Silver)
Objective: Finished the Game on Any Difficulty.

 Geneticist (Silver)
Objective: Fully Unlocked Bestiary.

 Gone, But Not Forgotten (Silver)
Objective: Found all Mementos.

 Killer Instinct (Silver)
Objective: Finished Kovac's Quests.

 Master Cataloger (Silver)
Objective: Found all Logs.

 Master Huntsman (Silver)
Objective: Purchased all Ethologist Upgrades.

 Master Planter (Silver)
Objective: Planted every Post.

 Sphere We Go (Silver)
Objective: Unlocked 30 Sphere Cells.

 Winning Habit (Silver)
Objective: Won 25 Multiplayer Matches.

 Extreme Conditions (Gold)
Objective: Finished the Game on Hard Difficulty.

 Sphere Complete (Gold)
Objective: Unlocked all Sphere Cells.

 E.D.N. III Unveiled (Platinum)
Objective: Unlock all Trophies.

 Secret Trophies

 All Charged Up (Bronze)
Objective: Restored the Fueling Depot.

 Bleeding Heart (Bronze)
Objective: Stopped Isenberg for Good.

 Cleaning House (Bronze)
Objective: Stopped the Akrid infestation.

 Dish It Out (Bronze)
Objective: Brought the Com-Dish Online.

 Drilling Down (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Deep Core Drilling.

 Empty Nest (Bronze)
Objective: Emptied your First T-Post.

 Fallen Hero (Bronze)
Objective: Watched Coronis Fall.

 French Leave (Bronze)
Objective: Defeated Laroche.

 Helping Hand (Bronze)
Objective: Saved by Laroche.

 Living Legend (Bronze)
Objective: Discovered Nushi.

 Lost and Found (Bronze)
Objective: Discovered the Lost Contractor's Fate.

 Medicine Man (Bronze)
Objective: Returned the Medicine.

 My First T-Post (Bronze)
Objective: Planted your First T-Post.

 On the Hook (Bronze)
Objective: Rescued the Trapped Scientists.

 Rolling Out (Bronze)
Objective: Got your Rig.

 Safe Cracker (Bronze)
Objective: Opened the Armory.

 Saving the Day (Bronze)
Objective: Secured the Moorings.

 Storm Chaser (Bronze)
Objective: Took Storm Readings.

 The King Is Dead (Bronze)
Objective: Killed the Gorevorgg.

 Thunderstruck (Bronze)
Objective: Killed a Cat-G Akrid with the Rig.

 To the Rescue (Bronze)
Objective: Defended Laroche.

 What... (Bronze)
Objective: Found a Mysterious Structure.


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