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Remember Me
Playstation 3

Objective: Beat 400 enemies

 8-hit wonder
Objective: Perform 40 8-hit Combos

 Can't touch this
Objective: Defeat 5 Elite Enforcers without using Combos or Spammer attacks

 Droning by numbers
Objective: Get hit 5 times by a drone during a playthrough, on any given difficulty

 Dropping L-Bombs
Objective: Trigger two Logic Bombs in less than 15 seconds

 Fiat lux!
Objective: Beat 15 Stranglers without using the Sensen DOS

 Float like a butterfly
Objective: Beat Kid X-Mas in under 5 minutes without dying

 Fury lover
Objective: Reach x14 with the Sensen Fury

 God is a DJ
Objective: Find and activate all interactions in all memory remixes

 I do like spam!
Objective: Finish 15 Enforcers off with the Spammer

 I know kung fu
Objective: Equip 17 Pressens at least once in your Combos

 Leader of the pack
Objective: Beat a Mourner without beating its supporting sidekicks

 Lord of the ring
Objective: Beat 15 enemies by making them fall off a platform

 Machines do it better
Objective: Use the Sensen RIP to make robots knock 20 human enemies out

 Mix'em all
Objective: Land 10 Combos that combine the four different Pressen types

 Out of the friend Zorn
Objective: Beat a Zorn in under 120 seconds

 Queen of the hill
Objective: Survive the entire Leaking Brain assault (episode 3) without using Power or Regen Pressens

 Script Kiddie
Objective: Finish the game in Script Kiddie Mode

 Serve the servant
Objective: Beat 20 robot enemies

 The fallen
Objective: Make 50 Leapers fall off walls

 The shield is down!
Objective: Destroy 20 Heavy Enforcer shields

 The wheat and the chaff
Objective: Beat Madame without hitting any of her clones

 Unbelievable truth
Objective: Reach all memory bugs in all memory remixes

 You missed me
Objective: Dodge a Skinner's charge five times in a row

 Errorist Agent
Objective: Finish the game in Errorist Agent Mode

 Fuzzy logic
Objective: Hit 5 enemies at once with a Logic Bomb while they are stunned by the Sensen DOS

 Gotta patch them all!
Objective: Find all SAT Patches

 You focus
Objective: Find all Focus Boosts

 It's all in the details
Objective: Find all Mnesist memories

 MemHunter Elite
Objective: Finish the game in Memory Hunter Mode

 Pest control
Objective: Find all Scaramechs

 Remember you soon
Objective: Unlock all trophies

 Secret Trophies

 Are you my mummy?
Objective: Finish episode 5

 Birthday crash
Objective: Remix Scylla

 Biter bit
Objective: Remix Charles

 Christmas is over
Objective: Finish episode 2

 Crime of passion
Objective: Remix Forlan

 Dead man's chest
Objective: Finish episode 0

 Final overload
Objective: Destroy H3O

 Forged alliance
Objective: Finish episode 1

 Happy birthday
Objective: In the Scylla memory remix: have Scylla and Nilin avoid the accident and get on their way home

 Jail break-in
Objective: Finish episode 3

 Medical malpractice
Objective: Remix Olga

 Mind craft
Objective: Finish episode 6

 Murder incorporated
Objective: Finish episode 4

 Open mind
Objective: Perform your first memory steal on Bad Request

 Power off
Objective: In the final memory remix: have Jax short-circuit, but keep everybody safe

 Rust in Peace
Objective: Destroy the Zorn that chased you in the prologue

 Towering inferno
Objective: Finish episode 7

 Trigger unhappy
Objective: In the Forlan memory remix: have Forlan get the gun, argue with Alexia but not kill her

 You talkin' to me?
Objective: In the Olga memory remix: have David awaken and talk to Olga


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