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Tomb Raider

One Smart Cookie
Objective: Complete one optional tomb.

Objective: Find 25% of all documents.

Objective: Kill 50 enemies with the bow.

Sharp Shooter
Objective: Perform 50 headshot kills in the single player campaign.

Objective: Kill 25 unaware enemies.

Relic Hunter
Objective: Collect 25% of all relics.

Big Game Hunter
Objective: Kill and loot 10 large animals (deer, boar, wolves).

Objective: Kill 35 enemies with the pistol.

Objective: Collect 5000 pieces of salvage.

Down and Dirty
Objective: Perform 15 finishers.

Looking for Trouble
Objective: Find 25% of GPS caches.

Epic Fumble
Objective: Force an enemy to drop dynamite that kills two people when exploding.

Objective: Loot 200 enemies.

Clever Girl
Objective: Purchase all skills in one category.

A Survivor Is Born
Objective: Complete the game.

Unfinished Business
Objective: Complete one challenge.

Crab Cakes

Tastes Like Chicken!
Objective: Kill and loot 10 small animals (rabbits, chickens, rats).

Objective: Kill 75 enemies with the rifle.

Objective: Find 75% of all documents.

Now We're Getting Serious
Objective: Fully mod and completely upgrade any weapon.

Objective: Collect 75% of all relics.

Intellectually Superior
Objective: Complete all optional tombs.

Objective: Kill 40 enemies with the shotgun.

Bag Full O' Cache
Objective: Find 75% of GPS caches.

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Sole Survivor
Objective: In multiplayer, be the only player on your team that isn't dead or downed.

Objective: Purchase all skills in all categories.

Feather Duster
Objective: Kill and loot 10 flying animals (crows and gulls).

The Professional
Objective: Fully mod and completely upgrade all weapons.

No Stone Left Unturned
Objective: Find all documents, relics and GPS caches.

Objective: Catch a player in a snare trap in multiplayer.

Objective: Complete all challenges.

On My Way Up
Objective: Reach level 10 in multiplayer.

Objective: Purchase a new multiplayer character.

Good Samaritan
Objective: Revive a teammate in a multiplayer match.

Objective: Shoot 10 enemies off zip lines.

Master Blaster
Objective: Kill 2 multiplayer enemies with a single explosive.

Down Boy!
Objective: Kill a zip-lining enemy player in multiplayer.

Lights Out
Objective: Kill 10 multiplayer enemies using your melee attack.

Objective: Survive 10 explosions in multiplayer.

Objective: Complete a match in all multiplayer modes.

Get Over Here!
Objective: Rope pull 5 enemies off edges.

Former Adventurer
Objective: Incapacitate 25 enemies with dodge counter.


Objective: Buy every upgrade and character in multiplayer.

True Commitment
Objective: Reach level 60 in multiplayer.

Monkey Around
Objective: In multiplayer, escape death 3 times by using the rope ascender.

I'm all that!
Objective: Win a ranked match in every multiplayer mode.

Objective: Kill 20 enemy players in multiplayer using a turret.


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