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Dead Space 3
Game Completion Rewards:
By receive a:
Casual+3 CLP Circuit Set
Normal+3 RLD Circuit Set
Hard+3 SPD Circuit Set
Impossible+3 DMG Circuit Set

Pure Survival Mode:
Enemies only drop resources, and there’s no ammo, health, or weapon parts to be found. Completion unlocks the MK-II Overclocked Parts Set and a Mega Resource Deposit.
New Game+:
New Game+ is unlocked after you complete the game once. Your inventory will stay the same, but your chapter progress is reset.
Hardcore Mode:
Hardcore mode is harder then the Hard and Impossible modes, you can only save three times during the entire campaign and you're limited to 1 existence. Upon completion you unlock the "Devil Horns", a very special weapon, similar to the foam finger from Dead Space 2.
Retro Mode:
Complete Hardcore mode to unlock the Retro Mode.
Classic Mode:
The Classic Mode is a rewind to the original Dead Space. Single-player only, with no cross-hairs or any resource management elements.

Collectable Rewards:
By unlock the:
All Weapon PartsCrafter's Circuit Set
All BlueprintsBuilder's Circuit Set
All CircuitsMK-II Overclocked Attachment Set
All LogsMK-II Overclocked Module Set
All Text LogsResearch Circuit Set
All Audio LogsComms Circuit Set
All ArtifactsMK-II Overclocked Tip Set
All EarthGovEarthGov Circuit Set
All UnitologyUnitology Circuit Set
All SCAFSCAF Circuit Set
All AlienAlien Circuit Set

Unlockable Suits:
To unlock have to:
Deep Dig SuitCollect all weapon parts.
Flight SuitCollect all artifacts.
Hostile Environment SuitComplete all 10 optional missions.
Dead Space Legends Suit SetComplete the game.
First Contact OutfitIncluded in the Limited Edition.
Witness SuitIncluded in the Limited Edition.

Optional Missions Reward:
By completing all 10 optional missions you receive a Hostile Environment Suit and the MK-II Overclocked Frame Set.


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