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Medal of Honor: Warfighter
PlayStation 3

 Brothers in Arms (Bronze)
Objective: Won a round with a friend as a Fire Team Buddy

 Class Dismissed (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Connect the Dots

 Closing Ceremony (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Old Friends

 Dirty Laundry (Bronze)
Objective: Found the grenades in the laundry room in Bump in the Night

 Double Header (Bronze)
Objective: Killed two enemies with one bullet in the Changing Tides mission

 Downrange (Bronze)
Objective: Played online for 15 minutes

 Extreme Realism (Bronze)
Objective: Recovered from near-death 5 times without dying

 Hit the Beach (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Shore Leave

 Honey Badger (Bronze)
Objective: Used your Fire Team buddy to re-arm or heal

 It's Dangerous to go Alone! (Bronze)
Objective: Requested ammo from an Ally in the Campaign

 Job done (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 3 Combat Mission objectives

 Know the Enemy (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Through the Eyes of Evil

 Lead Farmer (Bronze)
Objective: Requested ammo from an Ally 25 times in Campaign

 Lean With It (Bronze)
Objective: Killed 25 enemies while using peek and lean during the Campaign

 Leftover Lead (Bronze)
Objective: Completed the sniping section in Shore Leave without missing a shot

 Let Him Rot (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Shut It Down

 Master Locksmith (Bronze)
Objective: Used each breaching option at least once

 Monsoon Lagoon (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Rip Current

 Non-Official Cover (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Finding Faraz

 On the Clock (Bronze)
Objective: Completed the training in Through the Eyes of Evil in under 18 seconds

 One Man Mutiny (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Bump in the Night

 One Shot, Three Kills (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Hat Trick

 Pedal to the Medal (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Hello and Dubai

 Peek-a-Boo (Bronze)
Objective: Killed an enemy while using peek and lean in the Campaign

 Pit and Pin (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Hot Pursuit

 Rain of Terror (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Changing Tides

 Release the Kraken! (Bronze)
Objective: Killed 20 enemies during the boat exfil in Rip Current

 Room Service (Bronze)
Objective: Unlocked all door breach options

 Squad Leader (Bronze)
Objective: Unlocked a soldier of each class

 Storm Watch (Bronze)
Objective: Got through the sandstorm without hitting any vehicles in Hello and Dubai

 Tactical Toggler (Bronze)
Objective: Killed 25 enemies while using Combat Toggle

 Tag, You're It (Bronze)
Objective: Caught Faraz within 15 minutes in Finding Faraz

 The Axeman (Bronze)
Objective: Killed 25 enemies with melee during the Campaign

 There IS an I in Fire Team (Bronze)
Objective: Finished a round as part of the top Fire Team

 Tier 1 Imports (Bronze)
Objective: Got 50 kills while holding enemy weapons

 Unexpected Cargo (Bronze)
Objective: Completed Unintended Consequences

 Vender Bender (Bronze)
Objective: Destroyed 90 market stalls in Hot Pursuit

 All In (Silver)
Objective: Called in Apache support

 Global Warfighters (Silver)
Objective: Unlocked a soldier from each unit

 Jack of all Guns (Silver)
Objective: Earn the Marksman Badge for all Weapons

 MVP (Silver)
Objective: MVP in a ranked match

 Preacher's Path (Silver)
Objective: Finished all the Preacher Missions

 Stump's No Chump (Silver)
Objective: Finished all the Stump Missions

 Tier 1 (Silver)
Objective: Completed the campaign on Tier 1 difficulty

 Unstoppable (Silver)
Objective: Completed a combat mission on Hardest difficulty setting without dying

 Warchief (Silver)
Objective: Unlocked all soldiers in multiplayer

 Warfighter (Silver)
Objective: Completed the campaign

 Back in the Fight (Gold)
Objective: Completed one tour with all classes.

 Hardcore (Gold)
Objective: Completed the campaign on Hardcore difficulty

 For Honor For Country (Platinum)
Objective: Collected all other Medal of Honor Warfighter Trophies

 Secret Trophies

 Target Practice (Bronze)
Objective: Shot down the targets in the training camp caves in Connect the Dots


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