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Street Fighter X Tekken
PlayStation Vita

 A Glimmering Light (Bronze)
Objective: Activate your Assist Gems 30 times.

 A Perfect Victory! (Bronze)
Objective: Win a round without getting hit 30 times.

 A Splendid Conclusion (Bronze)
Objective: Finish a round with a Super Art 30 times.

 A Very Special Gift (Bronze)
Objective: Connect with 50 Special Moves.

 After The Dust Has Settled (Bronze)
Objective: Clear Arcade mode on Medium difficulty or higher.

 All Star (Bronze)
Objective: Use all characters.

 All Too Easy (Bronze)
Objective: Win by K.O. using Battle Tap.

 An Unknown Power (Bronze)
Objective: Activate Pandora 50 times.

 Any Time, Any Place! (Bronze)
Objective: Use Arcade Fight Request 10 times.

 Anything Goes (Bronze)
Objective: Activate Cross Assault 50 times.

 Doused In My Color! (Bronze)
Objective: Customize a character's color.

 Evangelist Of The "X" (Bronze)
Objective: Have your replay downloaded 3 times in My Channel's Broadcast Mode.

 Forge Your Own Path (Bronze)
Objective: Win 10 matches online.

 Fruits of Labor (Bronze)
Objective: Go into Training mode 3 times.

 Head Of The Dojo (Bronze)
Objective: Create a lobby in Endless Battle.

 Here's My Shoutout (Bronze)
Objective: Customize your player comment.

 I'm Just Getting Started! (Bronze)
Objective: Swap teams in Arcade Mode.

 It's Just For Research! (Bronze)
Objective: Access the Store.

 Just The Beginning (Bronze)
Objective: Clear one trial in Trial mode.

 Learn The Fundamentals (Bronze)
Objective: Win 5 matches online.

 Let's Heat Things Up! (Bronze)
Objective: Activate your Boost Gems 30 times.

 Love Is Blind (Bronze)
Objective: Use a character in battle over 30 times.

 Maelstrom Of Combos (Bronze)
Objective: Connect with 30 Quick Combos.

 Magnanimity (Bronze)
Objective: Give 5 character color gifts.

 Maturity Through Discipline (Bronze)
Objective: Clear all of the lessons in the Tutorial.

 Mission Specialist (Bronze)
Objective: Clear all of the missions in Mission mode.

 My Big First Step (Bronze)
Objective: Clear one lesson in the Tutorial.

 Observer (Bronze)
Objective: View 3 replays in the Replay Channel.

 On the Cutting Edge (Bronze)
Objective: Fight using Casual Style.

 One Down! (Bronze)
Objective: Win in a Ranked Match.

 Photo Op (Bronze)
Objective: Take a photo in the AR Gallery.

 Power Consumes All (Bronze)
Objective: Finish a round with Pandora 30 times.

 Signs of Friendship (Bronze)
Objective: Fight in Ad Hoc Mode.

 Sturm und Drang (Bronze)
Objective: Finish a round with Cross Assault 30 times.

 Supersonic (Bronze)
Objective: Play the Sound Gallery 3 times.

 Ten Down... (Bronze)
Objective: Win 10 consecutive Burst Kumite battles.

 The Battle Never Ends (Bronze)
Objective: Win a match in Endless Battle.

 The Cross Revolution (Bronze)
Objective: Finish a round with a Cross Art 30 times.

 The Crossroads of Tragedy (Bronze)
Objective: Fight 30 matches online.

 The Endless Road (Bronze)
Objective: Fight 100 matches online.

 The Excellence of Execution (Bronze)
Objective: Clear 100 trials in Trial mode.

 The First Mission (Bronze)
Objective: Clear one mission in Mission mode.

 The Harsh Road (Bronze)
Objective: Fight 50 matches online.

 The Stones Guide Me (Bronze)
Objective: Customize a Gem Unit.

 The Warrior's Road (Bronze)
Objective: Fight 10 matches online.

 This Is How I Roll (Bronze)
Objective: Customize your player Title.

 Time For Some Fireworks! (Bronze)
Objective: Connect with 50 Launchers.

 To the Victor Go the Spoils (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain a K.O. Monument.

 Trail Of Ruined Dreams (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat 5 rival teams in Arcade mode on Medium difficulty or higher.

 Transcend All You Know (Bronze)
Objective: Win 50 matches online.

 Trial Expert (Bronze)
Objective: Clear ten trials in Trial mode.

 Two Minds, Fighting As One (Bronze)
Objective: Connect with 50 Cross Arts.

 Proof Of Your Victory (Silver)
Objective: Get to C rank for the first time in Ranked Match.

 Stories to Tell (Silver)
Objective: Unlock every item in the Graphic Gallery.

 The Chosen Path (Silver)
Objective: Win 30 consecutive Burst Kumite battles.

 The Root Of Chaos (Silver)
Objective: Defeat all of the bosses in Arcade mode on the hardest difficulty.

 Title Idol (Silver)
Objective: Obtain 300 Titles.

 To The Victor... (Silver)
Objective: Raise your battle class rank for the first time in Ranked Match.

 Your Legend Will Never Die (Gold)
Objective: Win 100 matches online.

 Zenith (Platinum)
Objective: Unlock all Trophies.


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