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Hitman: Absolution
PlayStation 3

 A Taste for the Game (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 10 challenges

 Blood Money (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Play Contract Tutorial

 Damage Control (Bronze)
Objective: Contain a situation gone bad

 First Contract (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Create Contract Tutorial

 Inconspicuous (Bronze)
Objective: Remain undetected in a whole checkpoint

 It's All in the Wrist (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve a lethal throw kill

 Rocksteady (Bronze)
Objective: Execute a point shooting with 3 kills

 Sandman (Bronze)
Objective: Subdue a person

 Self-improvement (Bronze)
Objective: Buy an upgrade

 The Russian Hare (Bronze)
Objective: 47 precision headshots using a sniper rifle

 True Potential (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock a technique

 Under Wraps (Bronze)
Objective: Hide a body

 Whoops (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve your first accident kill

 Competitive Spirit (Silver)
Objective: Create a contract competition

 Contender (Silver)
Objective: Participate in a contract competition

 Information is Power (Silver)
Objective: Collect all evidence

 Jack of All Trades (Silver)
Objective: Collect all play styles

 One of the Guys (Silver)
Objective: Blend in successfully

 One With the Shadows (Silver)
Objective: Escape attention from enemies

 Partners in Crime (Silver)
Objective: Play a contract created by a friend

 Reach for the Stars (Silver)
Objective: Complete 50 challenges

 Set for Life (Silver)
Objective: Earn 1 million contract dollars

 Silent Assassin (Silver)
Objective: Achieve the rating: Silent Assassin

 Thumbs Up (Silver)
Objective: Like a contract

 Absolution (Gold)
Objective: Complete Hitman: Absolution on any professional difficulty

 Grand Master (Gold)
Objective: Complete 100 challenges

 Top of Your Game (Platinum)
Objective: Collect all trophies

 Secret Trophies

 A Heavy Blow (Bronze)
Objective: Assassinate facility leaders

 All Bark and no Bite (Bronze)
Objective: Assassinate Wade

 Catch a Ride (Bronze)
Objective: Enter the train in the train station

 Chamber of Secrets (Bronze)
Objective: Locate room 899

 Destroying Something Beautiful (Bronze)
Objective: Assassinate Layla

 Faith Can Move Mountains (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat Sanchez with your bare hands

 Forepost (Bronze)
Objective: Assassinate Wade's men

 Heavy Burden (Bronze)
Objective: Assassinate Diana Burnwood

 Hour of Reckoning (Bronze)
Objective: Approach the church

 Jailbird (Bronze)
Objective: Gain access to the jail

 Kingslayer (Bronze)
Objective: Assassinate the King of Chinatown

 Like Stealing Candy From a Baby (Bronze)
Objective: Pacify Lenny the Limp

 Not Worth It (Bronze)
Objective: Leave Lenny in the desert

 Signature Weapons (Bronze)
Objective: Acquire the Silverballers

 Step Into the Light (Bronze)
Objective: Exit the mines

 The Bartender Always Knows (Bronze)
Objective: Approach the bartender

 The Final Countdown (Bronze)
Objective: Assassinate Blake Dexter

 The Killing Fields (Bronze)
Objective: Eliminate the Saints

 True Form (Bronze)
Objective: Acquire suit & gloves

 A Personal Contract (Silver)
Objective: Assassinate Travis


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