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Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre

 Aspirant Brain Surgeon
Objective: Make 250 enemy headshots

 Ass Clown
Objective: Honk your clowns nose 500 times.

Objective: Wear the Bunny-Ears and jump 500 times.

 Danish Cuisine
Objective: Blow up 100

 Everybody hates you now
Objective: Kill 250 players

 Expert Brain Surgeon
Objective: Make 1000 enemy headshots

 Fire Starter
Objective: Make 100 fuel tanks explode

 Fish Filet
Objective: Blow up 25 dolphins

Objective: Host a 4 player game

 Junior Brain Surgeon
Objective: Make 50 enemy headshots

 Lost a FB Friend
Objective: Kill 100 players

 Peace Killer
Objective: Shoot 30 peace-doves

Objective: Win a domination game.

 Playing with matches
Objective: Make 25 fuel tanks explode

Objective: Make 250 fuel tanks explode

 Red Sea
Objective: Blow up 250 dolphins

 Tastes like chicken
Objective: Shoot 7 peace-doves

 Tough Guy
Objective: Finish a game in EXTREME

Objective: Host a 3 player game

 Watch where you point that
Objective: Kill 25 players

 When the doves cry..
Objective: Shoot 69 peace-doves


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