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Amazing Spider-Man, The
PlayStation 3
Comic Book list:
There are Comic Books hidden all over Manhattan, collect them by finding their pages:
Comic book:Pages:
1st Spider-Man5 Pages
1st Lizard15 Pages
Modern Lizard30 Pages
1st Rhino50 Pages
1st Scorpion80 Pages
1st Black Cat125 Pages
1st Iguana250 Pages
Vs. Vermin175 Pages
1st Gwen Stacy350 Pages
1st Smythe500 Pages

Comic Book page finder:
The Comic Book page finder appears as little yellow dots on the mini map, and you will need to collect 500 pages to unlock it.
There are 700 pages in total: 100 that are flying around and 600 that are stationary.

Unlockable costumes:
Cross Species Spider-ManComplete the game on any setting
New Black SuitComplete the game 100%
Big Time SuitOn the glass behind the red bleachers on Times Square.
Classic Black SuitIn the narrow park to the left of the main OsCorp building downtown, under the gazebo.
Classic Spider-man CostumeUnlocked upon Rhino Challenge DLC purchase.
Future Foundation SuitGo one block right of the northern bridge, and you'll find it in a small alley behind the gas stations store.
Negative Zone SuitGo towards the city from the brooklyn bridge and go to the top of the Beenox building, its the second building.


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