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Samurai II: Dojo

 Famous Samurai
Objective: Deliver 50 hits in a row.

 Legendary Samurai
Objective: Deliver 100 hits in a row.

 Mastered Cloud Cuttin
Objective: Max Cloud Cutting Combo Level.

 Mastered Flying Dragon
Objective: Max Flying Dragon Combo Level.

 Mastered Half Moon
Objective: Max Half Moon Combo Level.

 Mastered Raising Waves
Objective: Max Raising Waves Combo Level.

 Mastered Shogun Death
Objective: Max Shogun Death Combo Level.

 Mastered Walking Death
Objective: Max Walking Death Combo Level.

 Respected Samurai
Objective: Deliver 10 hits in a row.

 Samurai Executioner
Objective: Buy All Combos.

 Strong and Beautiful
Objective: Max out your health level.

 Way of the Samurai
Objective: Finish Dojo on any difficulty.


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