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PlayStation 3

 Breaking the Cycle (Bronze)
Objective: Retaliate against repetition.

 Getting A Head In the Game (Bronze)
Objective: Sometimes you just need to relax and take the weight off your shoulders.

 Good Hunting, Commander (Bronze)
Objective: A good commander knows how to wield her forces effectively.

 Happy Birthday (Bronze)
Objective: You got a present!

 Instant Hair Dash (Bronze)
Objective: Let your parasite feel the wind between his tendrils.

 Medical Board Will Be Notified (Bronze)
Objective: Your opponents aren’t the only ones under the knife.

 My Pain Will Be Visited Upon You (Bronze)
Objective: Sometimes you can take it, and sometimes you just want to lash out.

 Real Circus Damage (Bronze)
Objective: And now, for the main attraction... Grappling!

 The Kitchen Sink (Bronze)
Objective: Throw everything at them, including...

 Toil and Trouble (Bronze)
Objective: A sesquidecemvir of seven simulacra synergizing simultaneously.

 World Warrior Princess (Bronze)
Objective: Wander the world... unintentionally.

 An Ensemble Cast (Silver)
Objective: There may be no I in "team," but there is in "variety."

 Call the Wardrobe Department (Silver)
Objective: Make dozens of costume changes.

 Prolix (Silver)
Objective: Words are fun - expand your vocabulary.

 Sküllgirls (Silver)
Objective: Graduation day has arrived at last! Mrs. Victoria’s so proud of you.

 Threads of Fate (Silver)
Objective: Follow all threads of fate to their inevitable conclusions.


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