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Ping Pong - Insanely Addictive!

 Bonus Collector
Objective: Collect 10 bonuses in one match

 Cold Dinner!
Objective: Play 20 games in a row

 Dinner Is Ready!
Objective: Play 10 games in a row

 Extra Ball - A New Hope
Objective: Gain extra ball for the first time

 Extra Ball - Lucy Looser
Objective: Gain 2nd extra ball for first time

 Extra Ball - You get What...
Objective: Gain 3rd extra ball for first time

 Fast and Heavy
Objective: Launch Iron Ball bonus

 Fast Boots
Objective: Reach 20 meters distance

 Focus Master!
Objective: Collect 30 bonuses in one match

 Good Start Rookie
Objective: Play the game at least once

 Hungry But Happy!
Objective: Play 40 games in a row

 Long Legs
Objective: Reach 10 meters distance

 One Becomes Three
Objective: Launch Triple Ball bonus

 One Becomes Two
Objective: Launch Double Ball bonus

 Routine Or Lucky?
Objective: Collect 20 bonuses in one match

 Rubber Keeps the Ball
Objective: Launch Rubber Band bonus

 Silent Whisper
Objective: Play the game without sound

 Stretch Your Muscles
Objective: Reach 50 meters distance

 You Rock!
Objective: Tap 20 yellow stars in one match


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