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Ratchet & Clank HD
PlayStation 3

 Hit Me More! (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the Premium Nanotech upgrade

 Lombax Magnetic (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the Magneboots

 These are not the droids you're looking for... (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the Persuader

 Very Sucky (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the Suck Cannon

 All Qwark'd Up (Silver)
Objective: Defeat Captain Qwark's Ship

 Bolt Collector (Silver)
Objective: Collect 1,000,000 Bolts

 Gadgeteer (Silver)
Objective: Obtain all regular weapon gadgets

 Nano This! (Silver)
Objective: Upgrade to Ultra Nanotech

 Ultimate Animal (Silver)
Objective: Obtain the R.Y.N.O.

 Unlock Sketchbook (Silver)
Objective: Attain 15 Skill Points to Unlock Sketchbook in Menu

 Bolt Commando (Gold)
Objective: Gather All 40 Golden Bolts throughout the game

 Drek This! (Gold)
Objective: Defeat Chairman Drek

 Ratchet, King Midas (Gold)
Objective: Obtain all ten gold weapons

 Skillful (Gold)
Objective: Master all 30 skill points

 Speedy (Gold)
Objective: Beat the hoverboard challenge in less than 1:35 on Rilgar

 Gadget Master (Platinum)
Objective: Obtain All Ratchet & Clank Trophies

 Secret Trophies

 Take Aim (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy a fighter or bomber on Novalis

 Transported (Bronze)
Objective: Destroyed three flying transports on Aridia

 Destroyed (Bronze)
Objective: On Gaspar, blow up all Blarg destroyers

 Sniper (Bronze)
Objective: Shoot a Scream through the sniper hole on Orxon

 Buried Treasure (Bronze)
Objective: Find and destroy all the crates in the ocean on Pokitaru

 Magician (Bronze)
Objective: Score 4500+ on a hoverboard race on Kalebo III

 Pest Control (Bronze)
Objective: Kill all Anklebiters on Planet Hoven

 Hey, Over Here! (Bronze)
Objective: Lure an enemy into a forcefield on Orxon

 Sitting Ducks (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy all cargo ships in the base on Orbital Oltanis

 Careful Cruise (Bronze)
Objective: Traverse the water region without losing any health on Veldin's Orbital Station

 Strike a Pose! (Bronze)
Objective: Stand between Al's Roboshack Statue's legs on Kerwan

 Going Commando (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 10 elite guards with only the wrench on Veldin

 Vehicle Bombardier (Bronze)
Objective: Blow Up 10 Vehicles on Eudora

 Cluck, Cluck (Bronze)
Objective: Turn a tank into a chicken on Rilgar

 Qwarktastic (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy Captain Qwark training robot on Kerwan

 Girl Trouble (Silver)
Objective: Defeat Blarg Station Alien Queen using only the wrench!

 Twisted Hoverboard (Silver)
Objective: Do a "Twisty" McMarx" in the hoverboard race

 Vandal (Silver)
Objective: Destroy all streetlights in Oltanis

 Eat Lead (Silver)
Objective: Use a Sand Mouse to destroy all the tanks on Batalia


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