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Ms. Pac-Man for iPad

 A Single Pear
Objective: Eat 1 Pear

 Beginner's Luck
Objective: Complete Stage 1

 Berry Good
Objective: Eat 1 Strawberry

 Cheery Champ
Objective: Eat 1 Cherry

 Fifty k Streak
Objective: Score 50,000 Points or More

Objective: Eat 2 fruit in one stage

 Full Circle
Objective: Reach Stage 256

 I Didn't Say Banana
Objective: Eat 1 Orange

Objective: Reach Stage 10

 Keeps the Doctor Away
Objective: Eat 1 Apple

 Ms. Fruit Fanatic
Objective: Eat a total of 100 fruits

 Ms. Fruit Finder
Objective: Eat a total of 50 fruits

 Ms. Ghost Glutton
Objective: Chomp 100 ghosts total

 Ms. Ghost Gorger
Objective: Chomp 272 ghosts total

 Ms. Ghost Gourmand
Objective: Chomp 50 ghosts total

 Ms. Marathon
Objective: Score 150,000 Points or More

 Ms. Mean Streak
Objective: Chomp 16 ghosts in one stage

 Ms. Power Pellet
Objective: Get 1600 Points from a ghost

 No Better Blues
Objective: Reach Stage 18

 One Hundred k Run
Objective: Score 100,000 Points or More

 The Chase
Objective: Reach Stage 6

 There and Back Again
Objective: Reach Stage 14

 They Meet
Objective: Reach Stage 3

 Very Appealing
Objective: Eat 1 Banana

 What a Twist!
Objective: Eat 1 Pretzel


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