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Infinity Blade II

 The Combinator
Objective: Perform 2,000 combo attacks

Objective: Block 10,000 attacks

Objective: Parry 20 attacks

 Tap master
Objective: Parry 5,000 attacks

 Float like a butterfly
Objective: Dodge 20,000 attacks

 Sting like a bee
Objective: Perform 100 stabs

 Can't touch this
Objective: Execute 1,000 perfect blocks

 Perfect Timing
Objective: Execute 1,000 great parries

 Perfect Aim
Objective: Execute 1,000 perfect slashes

 Moving on up
Objective: Attain level 10

 In the sky
Objective: Attain level 60

Objective: Acquire 1,000,000 gold pieces

 Break the Bank
Objective: Acquire 500 treasures

 How to get that?
Objective: Aquire the Sheriff Armor (Trick)

 The first of many
Objective: Master an item

Objective: Master 100 items

 I never saw that!
Objective: Fight Warden outside the castle.

 Perfect Duelist
Objective: Win a fight using Sword and Shield without taking damage

 Perfect Fencer
Objective: Win a fight using Dual weapons without taking damage

 Perfect Thug
Objective: Win a fight using Heavy weapons without taking damage

 Come back soon!
Objective: Get the game infinity swordthug and come back to infinity blade 2

 Plated Minion is found dead!
Objective: Defeat the Plated Guard (Final Death)

 Its Okay To Hit Girls
Objective: Defeat Saydhi

 The bigger they are
Objective: Defeat Thane

 Death of written word
Objective: Defeat The Archivist

 Stone Cold
Objective: Defeat The Stone Demon

Objective: Defeat MX-Goliath

 The harder they fall
Objective: Defeat Thane (Final Death)

Objective: Defeat The God King using Sword and Shield

 Size Matters
Objective: Defeat The God King using Heavy Weapons

 Two is better than one
Objective: Defeat The God King using Dual Weapons

 Life after Death
Objective: Start New Game Plus


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