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Infinity Blade II
Best possible Combos:
Left, Right, Left = Best 3 hit combo (Huge Hit)
Left, Left, Right, Right = Best 4 hit combo (Mega Hit)
Left, Right, Up, Down, Left = Best 5 or greater hit combo (Ultra Hit)

Technique hint:
Parrying is the most useful move you can pull, master it and you will conquer the God King with ease.

Easy +100 Attack gem:
At the start of the game, when you get the +100 water attack gem to equip to your infinity blade, stash it in your inventory the first chance you get. Once the tutorial is over, the best possible gem you can aquire is yours. You can even sell it if you're short on cash.

Easy Money scheme:
To do this scheme you will need some of the following weapons:
Gelder, Halfstar, Infinity Blade, Thistle, Ricochet, Imperial.

1. Reset the Rebirth.
2. Play through Rebirth nr. 1 normally.
3. Play through the 2nd Rebirth until you've just passed the spot with the big dragon statue in the middle. Choose to go left.
4. Beat the enemy in the room with all the sealed doors, then unlock as many of the doors as you can and start grabbing items.
5. Repeat step 2-4.
6. Sell all of your abundant items.


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