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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
PlayStation Vita

 A Winning Formula (Bronze)
Objective:Complete ACE Chemicals.

 A-maze-ing Chase (Bronze)
Objective:Complete Arkham Estate.

 Bane of my Life (Bronze)
Objective:Take down Batman with Bane. (Single Player Only)

 Behind Enemy Lines (Bronze)
Objective:Complete Attack on LexCorp.

 Deconstructive Criticism (Bronze)
Objective:Complete The Batcave.

 Dishonourably Discharged! (Bronze)
Objective:Complete Arkham Asylum.

 Double-crossed! (Bronze)
Objective:Complete Brawl at City Hall.

 Flying Lessons (Bronze)
Objective:Complete Assault the VTOL.

 Frequent Flyer (Bronze)
Objective:Complete Robot Sky Battle.

 Hero in Train-ing (Bronze)
Objective:Complete Gotham Metro.

 Hostile Takeover (Bronze)
Objective:Complete Wayne Industries.

 Justice League, Assemble! (Bronze)
Objective:Complete The Final Battle.

 Open Mic Knight (Bronze)
Objective:Complete Gotham Theatre.

 Road to Ruin (Bronze)
Objective:Complete Juggernaut Chase.

 The Big Brick Theory (Bronze)
Objective:Create your first character in the Character Customiser.

 The Joke's on you! (Bronze)
Objective:Complete The Joker Getaway.

 All Change! (Silver)
Objective:Swap characters using Super Freeplay.

 Batter Up! (Silver)
Objective:Using the Batman glide ability, spend 5 seconds or more in the air.

 Brick by Brick (Silver)
Objective:Collect all the Red Bricks.

 Call Shotgun (Silver)
Objective:Stun an enemy using Commissioner Gordon's trusty weapon and finish them. (Single Player Only)

 Siamese Bat (Silver)
Objective:As Catwoman, use the Stealth Takedown ability to attack Batman. (Single Player Only)

 Sound Advice (Silver)
Objective:Collect all the Sound Bite tokens.

 Starter Pack (Silver)
Objective:Unlock all the Ability packs for the Character Customiser.

 Taking the Plunge (Silver)
Objective:Help an enemy off a ledge in Wayne Industries.

 True Hero (Silver)
Objective:Achieve a True Hero stud total.

 Bad Influence (Gold)
Objective:Collect all the Villain characters.

 Happy Daze (Gold)
Objective:Stun 100 enemies.

 Justice is Served (Gold)
Objective:Win gold in every arena in Justice League Mode.

 MVP (Gold)
Objective:Complete every arena in Justice League Mode.

 Super Friends (Gold)
Objective:Collect all the Hero characters.

 Unbreakable (Gold)
Objective:Finish a level without losing all your hearts.

 Complete Hero (Platinum)
Objective:Collect all trophies.


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