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 Block CPU
Objective: Gears: prevent the computer from saving blue Marblenauts in a single game.

 Cave 2000
Objective: Dark Cave: earn a score of 2000 or more points.

 Complex Mode 100%
Objective: Complete everything in Complex Mode.

 Cross Slice
Objective: Match Three: activate a horizontal and vertical slice simultaneously using the same Marblenaut.

 Gears 1000
Objective: Gears: score 1000 points or more against the computer.

 Horizontal Slice
Objective: Match Three: remove a horizontal line using a Marblenaut with sunglasses.

 Long Combo
Objective: Match Three: activate a chain reaction of Marblenaut combinations without breaking rocks.

 Lucky Star
Objective: Tilt Madness: collect a star immediately after it appears.

 Massive Cleanup
Objective: Match Three: clean up a huge amount of Marblenauts simultaneously.

 Match 4000
Objective: Match Three: earn a score of 4000 or more points.

 No Mistake
Objective: Dark Cave: complete three puzzles without using Undo.

 Out Of Jail
Objective: Behind Bars: Dave every Marblenaut.

 Rolling To The Stars
Objective: Tilt Madness: don't let more than 4 stars appear.

 Secret Area Found
Objective: Collect enough stardust to find the Secret Area.

 Simple Mode 100%
Objective: Complete all levels in Simple Mode.

 The Great Escape
Objective: Complete the spaceship and help your Marblenauts escape in Complex Mode.

 The Perfect Solution
Objective: Multiball: Save all Marblenauts.

 Tilt 5000
Objective: Tilt Madness: earn a score of 5000 or more points in one game.

 Unlock Treasure
Objective: Get the silver key and unlock the treasure chest in Simple Mode.

 Vertical Slice
Objective: Match Three: remove a vertical line using a Marblenaut with sunglasses.


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