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Makeout Mania HD

 1st Base
Objective: 15,000 points in Mania Mode.

 Attempt the impossible
Objective: Waste an arrow shooting an Emo character.

 Get Detention
Objective: Get caught by Mr. Dolittle.

 God of Mischief
Objective: Rack up a godly number of kissing combos.

 Heart Breaker
Objective: Heal a broken heart.

Objective: Use a key to open or close a door.

Objective: Any character ends up in the bathroom.

 Love Bites
Objective: Get a perfect Emo match.

 Match Maker
Objective: Make a perfect match of each character type.

 Ye Be A Whippers...
Objective: Scolded by Ms. Dour.

 Your First Time
Objective: Make any match in Makeout Mania!


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