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Objective: Complete a level in less than 3 seconds.

 Be Cool
Objective: Freeze 50 stars in total.

 Be Water
Objective: Complete a level without removing your finger. Min 3 slashes required.

 Blade Runner
Objective: Get 5 extra blades in a level.

 Bomb Squad
Objective: Destroy a Doomstar with a bonus.

Objective: Use 5 bomb bonuses in a level.

 Bonus Master
Objective: Get 100 bonuses in total.

 Clean Slasher
Objective: Complete a level without hitting any metal edges.

 Combo Master
Objective: Slash 5 pieces greater than 5% in a row.

 Comet Killer
Objective: Destroy a comet with a bonus.

 Crazy Slasher
Objective: Make 5000 slashes in total.

Objective: Complete a level after Doomstars explode.

 Dedicated Ninja
Objective: Play the same level 50 times.

 Flying Dagger
Objective: Complete a level before Doomstars explode.

 Frozen Hell
Objective: Freeze 150 stars in total.

 Ghost Hunter
Objective: Complete a level when ghost stars are invisible.

 Iron Slasher
Objective: Slashed away all the metal edges.

 Monk Get 500
Objective: bonuses in total.

 Nameless Hero
Objective: Fail when remaining area to slash is less than 1%.

 Need No Toys
Objective: Complete a level without using any bonuses. Get minimum 3 bonuses.

 Over Slasher
Objective: Slashed away 10% more than required.

 Perfect Technique
Objective: Slashed away more than 50% in a single slash.

 Psycho Slasher
Objective: Make 10,000 slashes in total.

 Sleepless Ninja
Objective: Play the same level 100 times.

 Super Slash
Objective: Completed a level with a single slash.

 Tactical Initiative
Objective: Get a bonus with your first slash.

 Talented Ninja
Objective: Get a bonus with every slash. Get minimum 3 bonuses.

 Time Bender
Objective: Complete a level while Buddha bonus is active.


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