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 Again and Again...
Objective: Get the same bonus 3 times.

 Big Big Big Block
Objective: Explode a 64 sized block.

 Big Switch
Objective: Switch two blocks with a size greater than 2x2.

 Don't Hurt Me
Objective: Explode 1 brick with the color exploder.

 Endless Trick
Objective: Find the trick to reach a super-duper score in Endless Mode.

 Great Switch
Objective: Switch 2 blocks bigger than 24.

 High Five
Objective: Get five bonuses.

 I Can See Red People
Objective: Explode 6 red blocks one after the other.

 I'm a Professional
Objective: Exceed Level 20.

 It's Greeeeen
Objective: Explode 5 green blocks one after the other.

 Level 10
Objective: Reach Level 10.

 Level 15
Objective: Reach Level 15.

 Level 20
Objective: Reach Level 20.

 Level 25
Objective: Reach Level 25.

 Level 30
Objective: Reach Level 30.

 Level 35
Objective: Reach Level 35.

 Level 40
Objective: Reach Level 40.

 Level 45
Objective: Reach Level 45.

 Level 5
Objective: Reach Level 5.

 Level 50
Objective: Reach Level 50.

 Million Dollar
Objective: Get a 1,000,000 score short.

 No War, No Bomb
Objective: Explode 2 bricks with a bomb.

 Origin of Symmetry
Objective: Switch two blocks of the same color.

 People of the Sun
Objective: Explode 7 yellow blocks one after the other.

 Puzzles - Level A
Objective: Solve all Level A Puzzles.

 Puzzles - Level B
Objective: Solve all Level B Puzzles.

 Puzzles - Level C
Objective: Solve all Level C Puzzles.

 Puzzles - Level D
Objective: Solve all Level D Puzzles.

 Puzzles - Level E
Objective: Solve all Level E Puzzles.

 Puzzles - Level F
Objective: Solce all Level F Puzzles.

 Share With Friends
Objective: Publish your scores on Facebook.

Objective: Get 10M points.

 The Million!
Objective: Get 1M points.

 Where Is My 12T?
Objective: Don't explode any brick with a 12T.

 Who's Who?
Objective: Publish your score online.

Objective: Activate the x8 coefficient.


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