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Shoot Many Robots

Shoot Some Robots
Objective: Kill 100 robots!

Make Many Friends
Objective: Play co-op!

Lower Carbon Footprints
Objective: Destroy a robot overlord in multiplayer!

Get Over It
Objective: Revive other players 8 times!

Lookie, Many Stars
Objective: Get 75 stars!

Punch Many Bullets
Objective: Punch two bullets, killing two robots, with one melee swing!

Shoot Many Robots
Objective: Kill 10,000 robots!

Happy 50th, Walter
Objective: Reach level 50!

Number One Tugnut
Objective: Come in 1st in a four-player mission!

Dominate at Fatherhood
Objective: Beat a mission wearing the baby carrier!

Slotally Tober Saughter
Objective: Complete a mission on hard or insane without dying or drinking a beer!

Greetings, Earth Citizens
Objective: Beat a mission wearing the astronaut helmet and backpack!


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