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Legend of Grimrock

Apprentice Wizard
Objective: Cast 25 spells

Objective: Perform 500 melee weapon attacks

Secret Spotter
Objective: Find 10 secrets

I Use Gravity As a Weapon
Objective: Kill a monster by dropping or teleporting on it

Apprentice Alchemist
Objective: Mix 10 potions

Master Wizard
Objective: Cast 250 Spells

Ogre Slayer
Objective: Kill your first ogre

Objective: Jump 25 times into a pit

Go the Extra Mile
Objective: Travel 10000 tiles

Secret Sniffer
Objective: Find 25 secrets

Monster Killer
Objective: Kill 250 monsters

Objective: Survive the slimes

Objective: Backstab a monster

Checkered Room
Objective: Solve the Checkered room puzzle

Dungeon Hero
Objective: Survive the invasion of white blobs

Objective: Cast 500 spells

Enter The Vault
Objective: Find entrance to the Vault of Dismantler

Objective: Perform 500 ranged weapon attacks

Piece of the Pie
Objective: Find the pie

Objective: Find Dismantler

Zhandul's Orb
Objective: Find Zhandul's Orb

Enter The Prison
Objective: Get into the Prison

Objective: Throw a rock 100 times

I'm the Bugman!
Objective: Collect and wear full set of chitin armor (4 pieces)

Master of the Dungeon
Objective: Complete the game

Secret Searcher
Objective: Find 50 secrets

Tavern Brawler
Objective: Perform 250 unarmed attacks

Like a Sardine In a Can
Objective: Collect and wear full set of plate mail (5 pieces)

Buddies With Toorum
Objective: Give Toorum a hand

Here's Johnny
Objective: Open all iron doors

Master Alchemist
Objective: Mix 50 potions

Skull Snatcher
Objective: Find 5 skulls

Knight in a Shining Armor
Objective: Collect and wear full set of Valor armor (6pieces)

Ninja Style
Objective: Collect and wear lurker's wardrobe (4 pieces)

Skill Mastery
Objective: Obtain level 50 in any skill

Treasure Hunter
Objective: Find all treasures

Hard Boiled
Objective: Complete the game with hard difficulty setting

Seeker of Secrets
Objective: Find all secrets

Doin' It Old School
Objective: Complete the game with old school mode

Dungeon Runner
Objective: Finish first level in under 4 minutes


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