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Test Drive Unlimited 2

My Beautiful Caravan...
Objective: Own 1 house (caravan)

Objective: Obtain The C4 license

The Beginner
Objective: Win a championship

Objective: Drive 200 km (124 miles)

Reckless Driver
Objective: Drive around and hit 100 IA controlled cars and destructible objets

Small Collection
Objective: Own 3 different cars

Objective: Make it to Hawaii

Road Eater
Objective: Drive 1000 km (621 miles)

Big Spender
Objective: Spend 1 million dollars

Get rich or try driving
Objective: Possess 1 million dollars

Objective: Make a 100 m (109 yd) jump (any game mode)

Helping hand
Objective: Succeed in 10 missions

King of Ibiza
Objective: Win Ibiza Cup, area 1

Hey! What's this car?!
Objective: Own 1 bonus car (treasure hunt)

Hard earned money
Objective: Bank the maximum level of F.R.I.M. (10)

Say "Cheese"!
Objective: Get clocked by the radar 100 times (Speedtrap game mode)

Fast and Luxurious
Objective: Drive at 400 km/h (249 mph) during 5 sec. (any game mode)

Racing School Master
Objective: Obtain all licenses

Cockpit Addict
Objective: Drive 500 km (311 miles) using the cockpit view (any game mode)

One of each
Objective: Own a car from each category (A7-A6-A5-A4-A3-A2-A1, C4-C3, B4-B3)

Ibiza Photographer
Objective: Find 5 viewpoints on Ibiza (photographer)

Instant challenge, easy cash!
Objective: Earn $10 000 in instant challenges

Objective: Win all championships & cups

Tuning Addict
Objective: Tune a car to the max level

The Explorer
Objective: Drive 5000 km (3107 miles)

Easy Money
Objective: Earn $100 000 with F.R.I.M.

Objective: Decorate 5 different cars

Tyrannosaurus wrecks
Objective: Own all 6 bonus cars (treasure hunt)

Ready to play TDU2?
Objective: Casino: Get the luxury car displayed in the entrance hall

Subprime crisis?
Objective: Own one house of each level

Exclusive Car
Objective: Drive a Club car

Social Butterfly
Objective: Join and invite friends 100 times (any game mode)

Events Accomplished
Objective: Achieve all missions

Objective: Casino: Become VIP of the Casino by reaching level 5

1-in-38 Chance
Objective: Casino: Win a straight-up bet at Roulette

Objective: Find all viewpoints (photographer)

Casino Fashion Victim
Objective: Casino: Buy all clothes available in the Casino Clothes Shop

My Club and Me
Objective: Drive 150 km (93 miles) in intra-Club challenges

Co-op Challenger
Objective: Drive 150 km (93 miles) in "Keep Your Distance" and "Follow the Leader" modes

Club Basher
Objective: Win 30 Club vs Club challenges

Fashion Victim
Objective: Change your clothes or hairstyle 40 times

God of Cars
Objective: Own all purchasable cars

Objective: Casino: Have 10 cocktails at once at a poker table

Better than a GPS
Objective: Invite 10 players to drive with you in your car

Me against all of you
Objective: Play 40 challenges in the Community Racing Center

Level 60
Objective: Reach level 60

Island Caretaker
Objective: Casino: Wake up the Island caretaker

Exclusive CarS
Objective: Drive all Club cars

Objective: Arrest 30 outlaws in Online Chase Mode

Objective: Casino: Get the right look to get the reward

Risk Taker
Objective: Casino: Give up a Three of a Kind while playing Video Poker and win the next hand

Objective: Win 5 challenges in each multiplayer mode (Race, Speed, Speedtrap)

Objective: Complete 20 multiplayer challenges with bandages

Objective: Casino: Play the "duel" emote at the same time as your rival at a poker table for two

Keep your distance
Objective: Drive for 15 sec. above 100 km/h (62 mph) with 8 players in "Keep Your Distance" mode

Fugitive Wanted
Objective: Outrun the police 30 times in Online Chase Mode

Objective: Casino: Unlock all cocktails and emotes


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