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Plants vs. Zombies

Objective: Blow up a zombie using a potato mine

Objective: Blow up 10 zombies with a single cherry bomb

Disco is Undead
Objective: Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie

Home Lawn Security
Objective: Complete adventure mode

Penny Pincher
Objective: Pick up 30 coins in a row on a single level without letting any disappear.

Roll Some Heads
Objective: Bowl over 5 zombies with a single Wall-Nut.

Ask Me About Mustache Mode
Objective: Enable Mustache Mode

Objective: Collect all 49 plants

Nobel Peas Prize
Objective: Get the golden sunflower trophy

Objective: Discover the top secret zombie

Don't Pea in the Pool
Objective: Complete a daytime pool level without using pea shooters of any kind.

Beyond the Grave
Objective: Beat all 20 mini games.

Sunny Days
Objective: Get 8000 sun during a single level.

No Fungus Among Us
Objective: Complete a nighttime level without planting any Mushrooms.

Towering Wisdom
Objective: Grow the Tree of Wisdom to 100 feet

Objective: Get to 20 flags in Survival Endless

Objective: Defeat a normal roof level without using any catapult plants.

Good Morning
Objective: Complete a daytime level by planting only Mushrooms and Coffee Beans.

Popcorn Party
Objective: Defeat 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in a single level.

Better Off Dead
Objective: Get to a streak of 10 in I, Zombie Endless

China Shop
Objective: Get to a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless


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