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Garry's Mod

Play Singleplayer
Objective: Play singleplayer at least once

Play Multiplayer
Objective: Play multiplayer at least once

Play Around
Objective: Play a gamemode that isn't sandbox

Bad Coder
Objective: Experience 500 Lua programming errors

Map Loader
Objective: Play 20 different maps

One Day
Objective: 24 hours of your life wasted

Objective: Spawn 1000 NPCs

War Zone
Objective: Killed 1000 Baddies

Ball Eater
Objective: Eat 200 balls

Secret Phrase
Objective: Say the secret phrase

Half Marathon
Objective: Play on the same server & map for 4 hours

One Week
Objective: One whole week of your life wasted

Bad Friend
Objective: Kill 1000 friendly NPCs

Innocent Bystander
Objective: Kill 1000 innocent animals

Objective: Spawn 5000 props

Objective: Burst 1000 balloons

Objective: Play on the same server & map for 8 hours

Objective: Spawn 2000 ragdolls

Objective: Remove 5000 things

One Month
Objective: One whole month of your life wasted

Objective: Play with 10 friends

Menu User
Objective: Open the spawnmenu 100,000 times

Yes, I am the real garry!
Objective: Play on the same server as garry

Startup Millenium
Objective: Start Garry's Mod 1000 times

Objective: You have wasted a year of your life playing GMod!


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