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Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone
PlayStation 3

 Alone at the End (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Story Mode in Single Player.

 Beacon in the Dark (Bronze)
Objective: Survive a fortnight in Blackout Mode.

 Got Pwnage? (Bronze)
Objective: Use each character's Pwnage ability 10 times.

 Hard Worker (Bronze)
Objective: Complete all Objectives listed for any chapter.

 Money Grubber (Bronze)
Objective: Collect $20,000 in a single chapter.

 The Law is Dead (Bronze)
Objective: Kill your first Damned Zombie.

 Weapons Expert (Bronze)
Objective: Pick-up all five mash-up weapons with each character.

 Epic Run (Silver)
Objective: Complete a Story Mode: New Game with 3 other players.

 Long Term Survival Plan (Silver)
Objective: You survived 30 Days in Survival: Classic.

 Playing with Power (Silver)
Objective: Get all 100 upgrades for your characters.

 Super Savior (Silver)
Objective: Bring all possible survivors to Def Money's yacht in Story Mode.

 Exhausted (Gold)
Objective: Complete All Chapter Objectives.

 DLC: Pure Pwnage Pack

 Let's Finish This (Silver)
Objective: Complete Prequel: Day 56.

 Warm It Up (Silver)
Objective: Survive Pure Pwnage for 10 minutes.

 The Pwnage (Gold)
Objective: Pwn 10,000 zombies with Jeremy and Doug.


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