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Winter Stars
PlayStation 3

 Adrenaline rush (Bronze)
Objective: Use adrenaline for 4 consecutive seconds in a downhill skiing race.

 Air ace (Bronze)
Objective: Paraskiing: accumulate an airtime of 90 seconds total within one race.

 All the way to the top (Bronze)
Objective: Win 3 Cups in the second chapter of the career.

 Amateur challenger (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 10 challenges.

 Beat yourself (Bronze)
Objective: Beat a ghost you have recorded in time trial.

 Botanophile (Bronze)
Objective: Paraskiing: finish a race without touching any bushes or trees.

 Clean sweep (Bronze)
Objective: Curling: deliver a stone with low power and place it on the button by sweeping.

 Come around (Bronze)
Objective: Curling: curl a shot directly behind another stone in the house.

 Crash-landing (Bronze)
Objective: Ski Flying: jump a distance of 220 m and crash.

 Double takeout (Bronze)
Objective: Curling: takeout 2 of the opponent's stones with one shot.

 Every trick in the book (Bronze)
Objective: Successfully perform each possible trick in the game.

 Experienced (Bronze)
Objective: Accumulate 25 experience points within one event.

 Finished symphony (Bronze)
Objective: Figure skating: sustain all notes within one event with perfect or super rating.

 Focused (Bronze)
Objective: Perfectly stay on the racing line in 4 bends in a bobsled race.

 Gateway (Bronze)
Objective: Cut 5 gates in a row in a downhill skiing race.

 Gone with the wind (Bronze)
Objective: Paraskiing: fly through 6 gusts of wind in a row.

 Grabbing hands (Bronze)
Objective: Perform 3 grabs while sliding on a rail.

 Immaculate inruns (Bronze)
Objective: Ski Flying: don't touch the sides of the track during the inrun on both attempts.

 Lady Crystal Cup (Bronze)
Objective: Win the Lady Crystal Cup.

 Last man standing (Bronze)
Objective: Curling: win an end without any of the opponent's stones in the house.

 Level 10 (Bronze)
Objective: Reach level 10 in the career.

 Level 5 (Bronze)
Objective: Reach level 5 in the career.

 Long distance flight (Bronze)
Objective: Paraskiing: cover a distance of 500 consecutive meters while airborne.

 Magnetic rails (Bronze)
Objective: Slide on 4 rails within one race.

 No time to rest (Bronze)
Objective: After a crash, get back on track in less than 2 seconds.

 No trouble without double (Bronze)
Objective: Figure skating: win an event without activating double mode.

 Rivalry (Bronze)
Objective: Tackle your rival 5 times within one race.

 Shadow (Bronze)
Objective: Completely fill the slipstream bar 4 times within one short track race.

 Show-off (Bronze)
Objective: Snowmobile: win a race crossing the finish line in reverse.

 Snowflake Cup (Bronze)
Objective: Place among the top 3 in the Snowflake Cup.

 Teambuilding (Bronze)
Objective: Win 3 Cups in the first chapter of the career.

 Traction control deactivated (Bronze)
Objective: Snowmobile: accumulate a drifting time of 10 seconds within one race.

 Trick in (Bronze)
Objective: Perform and land a trick before sliding on a rail.

 Warm up (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 5 challenges.

 Yang (Bronze)
Objective: Earn three black fairplay stripes.

 Yin (Bronze)
Objective: Earn three golden fairplay stripes.

 Accident-free (Silver)
Objective: Win a bobsled race without collisions.

 Catch up (Silver)
Objective: Win a short track race without being in the lead in any but the last lap.

 Competent challenger (Silver)
Objective: Complete 20 challenges.

 Defending the crown (Silver)
Objective: Win 3 Cups in the third chapter of the career.

 Level 15 (Silver)
Objective: Reach level 15 in the career.

 Picky (Silver)
Objective: Biathlon: hit only targets 1, 3 and 5 in lap 1, only targets 2 and 4 in lap 2 and win the race.

 Prime discipline (Silver)
Objective: Max out your talent and buy all upgrades for any discipline.

 Professional challenger (Silver)
Objective: Complete 30 challenges.

 Shooting star (Silver)
Objective: Biathlon: enter the shooting range in 4th place, hit all targets, leave the shooting range as 1st.

 Skillers United Championship (Silver)
Objective: Win the Skillers United Championship.

 Versatile victory (Silver)
Objective: Land each possible trick within one race and win.

 Challenge champion (Gold)
Objective: Complete all challenges.

 Winter Stars World Tour Finals (Gold)
Objective: Win the Winter Stars World Tour Finals.

 Platinum athlete (Platinum)
Objective: Win all the Trophies in Winter Stars.


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