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Shank 2
PlayStation 3

 Combo King (Bronze)
Objective: Do 10 combos of 20 hits or more

 Freedom Fighter (Bronze)
Objective: Rescue 50 Civilians From The Militia

 Gimmick Free (Bronze)
Objective: Kill a Survival Boss with no traps or grenades

 No Bargains (Bronze)
Objective: Buy nothing for 10 straight waves of Survival

 Shank, SMASH! (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 50 enemies with the heavy object smash

 Shopaholic (Bronze)
Objective: Buy everything in Survival Mode

 The First Dozen (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 12 enemies

 Trigger Happy (Bronze)
Objective: Get 30 firetrap kills in one Survival match

 Up Close and Personal (Bronze)
Objective: Beat a Campaign level with no ranged attacks

 Too Easy (Silver)
Objective: Complete Campaign Mode on Hard difficulty

 Ultimate Survivalist (Silver)
Objective: Defeat all the waves in any Survival Mode map

 Zombie Killer (Silver)
Objective: Reach the zombie wave in each Survival map

 The Story Ends (Gold)
Objective: Complete Campaign Mode on Normal difficulty


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