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Move Fitness
PlayStation 3

 A Hard Days Work (Bronze)
Objective: Reach 3 goals during one day

 Dodger (Bronze)
Objective: Reach a score of at least 2000 in Dodgeball without getting hit by a ball.

 First Time (Bronze)
Objective: Play through a program

 Hard Striker (Bronze)
Objective: Throw a really hard punch in Breaking Walls

 Line 'em Up (Bronze)
Objective: Score 5 goals in a row in Basket

 Little Burner (Bronze)
Objective: Burn 250 calories

 Loser (Bronze)
Objective: Lose weight in a fitness check

 New Member (Bronze)
Objective: Welcome to the club!

 Rush (Bronze)
Objective: Throw 25 score giving punches in 15 seconds in Heavy Bag Warm Up

 Small Heart (Bronze)
Objective: Collect 100 cardio points

 The Core (Bronze)
Objective: Collect 100 core points

 Tiny Arms (Bronze)
Objective: Collect 100 arm points

 Tiny Legs (Bronze)
Objective: Collect 100 leg points

 Athlete (Silver)
Objective: Play through all predefined programs

 Big Arms (Silver)
Objective: Collect 1000 arm points

 Big Core (Silver)
Objective: Collect 1000 core points

 Big Heart (Silver)
Objective: Collect 1000 cardio points

 Big Legs (Silver)
Objective: Collect 1000 leg points

 Burner (Silver)
Objective: Burn 2500 calories

 Elusive (Silver)
Objective: Dodge 30 punches during one session of Sparring

 Hard Worker (Silver)
Objective: Reach 50 goals

 Investigator (Silver)
Objective: Play all exercises at least once

 Best of the Backyard (Gold)
Objective: Score 15 goals in a row in Basket

 Big Burner (Gold)
Objective: Burn 10000 calories

 Biggest Loser (Gold)
Objective: Lose weight in 3 consecutive fitness checks

 Excellent Worker (Gold)
Objective: Reach 100 goals

 On the Top! (Gold)
Objective: Reach first place in one leaderboard

 Time Saver (Gold)
Objective: Get 4 time bonuses during one single exercise session

 Guru (Platinum)
Objective: Get all other trophies


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