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Family Feud Decades
PlayStation 3

 Counteroffensive (Bronze)
Objective: You get behind for primal 3 rounds but exceed at the last round

 Points Vessel (Bronze)
Objective: Earn 1000 points in Fast Money

 Survey Beast (Bronze)
Objective: 20 top answers during Faceoff

 Taste of Winning (Bronze)
Objective: Beat 10 rivals online

 The Beginner (Bronze)
Objective: Win your first match

 The Comeback (Bronze)
Objective: Win 5 Sudden Death match

 The Loser (Bronze)
Objective: Get the 100th strike

 The Magnate (Bronze)
Objective: Earn $500,000

 The Thief (Bronze)
Objective: Steal the board 10 times and give a good answer

 Time is Money (Bronze)
Objective: Give a top answer in the first 5 seconds 10 times

 Win Win (Bronze)
Objective: Two families get exactly the same points at the 4th round

 Dare you challenge me (Silver)
Objective: Beat 30 rivals online

 Hollywood Champion (Silver)
Objective: Go through the game under any difficulty

 Super Board Cleaner (Silver)
Objective: Complete the board 20 times without a strike

 Unlucky Baby (Silver)
Objective: Be stolen by other families for 10 times

 You Are Historian (Silver)
Objective: Win all ages awards


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