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Crash Time 4: The Syndicate
PlayStation 3

 Answer All Questions (Bronze)
Objective: Level 2 finished.

 Car-Scrap Bonus (Bronze)
Objective: Totaled your car.

 Clean Lap (Bronze)
Objective: Drove a lap without causing any damage.

 First Online Victory (Bronze)
Objective: Won an online event (ranked or standard) in any mode.

 Free Fall (Bronze)
Objective: Fell 30 m.

 Hotshot (Bronze)
Objective: Destroyed 10 enemies.

 Long Jump (Bronze)
Objective: Jumped 100 m.

 No Speed-Limit (Bronze)
Objective: Driven 280 km/h for 15 seconds.

 Rampage (Bronze)
Objective: Trashed 1000 Objects.

 Riot (Bronze)
Objective: Made 100 vehicles explode.

 Roadhog (Bronze)
Objective: Collided 100 times with traffic.

 The Usual Nonsense (Bronze)
Objective: Level 1 finished.

 Unlimited Health (Bronze)
Objective: Played a deathmatch to the end without dying.

 Wrong Direction (Bronze)
Objective: Driven 200 m backwards.

 Alone against the Evil (Silver)
Objective: Level 4 finished.

 Amateur (Silver)
Objective: Won 10 single races.

 Clean Race (Silver)
Objective: Finished one race without causing any damage.

 Garage Owner (Silver)
Objective: Unlocked every car.

 Godmode (Silver)
Objective: Won a deathmatch without dying.

 Off-road King (Silver)
Objective: 30 Laps on off-road track "4x4 Club Circuit (R)".

 Peeping Tom (Silver)
Objective: Installed every single camera possible.

 Police Questioning (Silver)
Objective: Activated every single informant possible.

 Race King (Silver)
Objective: 30 Laps on racing track "Sprit-Raceway (R)".

 State of Emergency (Silver)
Objective: Caused €1 million damage during one race.

 Test Driver (Silver)
Objective: Driven every car in the game at least once.

 The Syndicate (Silver)
Objective: Level 3 finished.

 Track Owner (Silver)
Objective: Unlocked every track.

 Track Tester (Silver)
Objective: Driven a race on every track in the game.

 By all Means (Gold)
Objective: Finish your career successfully.

 Pilgrim (Gold)
Objective: Driven 1000 km in the game.

 Pro (Gold)
Objective: Won 50 single races.

 Vision becomes Truth (Gold)
Objective: 100% of the Single Player Game completed

 100% Clear (Platinum)
Objective: This trophy will unlock once you have earned all other trophies.


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