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Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition
GTA III PC Cheats for Android
Officially, the mobile version of GTA III does not support cheats but it does however still have the cheats from the PC version of GTA III left in the game. On some phones, you can hold down the MENU button for the keyboard to appear allowing cheat entry. If that doesn't work you have to own an Android phone with a keyboard, allowing you to simply type in the cheat codes in either the pause menu or in-game.

Tortoise100% Armor
gesundheit100% Health
cornerslikemadBetter vehicle handling
ilikedressingupChange Outfit
skincancerformeClear Weather
timeflieswhenyouClock Moves Faster
ilikescotlandCloudy Weather
nastylimbscheatCrank Up Gore
bangbangbangDestroy all cars
chittycittybbFlying vehicle
peasoupFoggy Weather
gunsgunsgunsGet All Weapons (Repeated use adds more Ammo)
morepolicepleaseHigher Wanted Level
itsallgoingmaaadInsane Pedstrians
anicesetofwheelsInvisible Cars
nopolicepleaseLower Wanted Level
ifiwerearichmanMore Money (Keep using for more cash)
nobodylikesmePedestrians Attack
weaponsforallPedtrians Fight One Another
ilovescotlandRainy Weather
giveusatankSpawn Vehicles (Keep using for different vehicles)
boooooringSpeed up Gameplay
madweatherSuper-speedy Game Clock


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