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Little Deviants
PlayStation Vita

 A Head for Heights (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Stage 1 of Risky Inclination with at least 30 seconds remaining.

 Air Miles And Miles (Bronze)
Objective: Fly 1,000,000m.

 Blackrust Refinery (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock Blackrust Refinery region.

 Blink and you’ll miss it (Bronze)
Objective: Pick up the Star from the secret chamber in Risky Rambler.

 Bomb ‘Em, Man (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 2 or more Dead ‘Uns with one fire attack in Corridor Calamity.

 Cave Brave (Bronze)
Objective: Collect at least 120 pickups in a single game of Risky Trails.

 Chillrock Gorge (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock Chillrock Gorge region.

 Cold As Ice (Bronze)
Objective: Smash 5 frozen Botz or more in a game of Corridor Complications.

 Crate Breaker (Bronze)
Objective: Break open a crate in under half a second in Rolling Shores.

 Day None Patch (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Hot Air Hero without patching the ballon once.

 Dead ‘Un Masher (Bronze)
Objective: Splat 6 or more Dead ‘Uns with one shot in Rotten Rumble.

 Deviant Storm (Bronze)
Objective: Boost over the finishing line in Street Speeder.

 Dipped into Deviants (Bronze)
Objective: Win your first bronze spaceship.

 Full Controller (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Rolling Pastures with full health at the end of the game.

 Fun Deviant (Bronze)
Objective: Win at least a bronze spaceship on all games.

 Heavy Metal (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 20 Botz in Destructor Constructor.

 Honor Upheld (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat a challenge from a PlayStation Network friend.

 I didn’t wipe (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Botz Blast without wiping any green goo from the screen.

 Jump Around (Bronze)
Objective: Jump on one platform 5 times in Bouncer Trouncer.

 Just made it! (Bronze)
Objective: Finish Stage 4 of Depth Avenger with at least 10 seconds remaining.

 Kyle says, "Don’t touch..." (Bronze)
Objective: Score 35,000 points in Shack Shover without hitting a Whoman or a Deviant.

 Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Bronze)
Objective: Hold a note in Smashing Tune for at least 5 seconds.

 Long Way Roller (Bronze)
Objective: Roll 500,000m.

 Meow! (Bronze)
Objective: Collect your first Mogger.

 Metroburg (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock Metroburg region.

 Mmm, hardware (Bronze)
Objective: Use each of the PlayStation Vita system’s input devices that are featured in Little Deviants.

 No-Electro Hero (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Corridor Caper without using any EMP pickups.

 Perfect 12 (Bronze)
Objective: In City Shover hit all 12 Number-Botz in sequence.

 Scored! (Bronze)
Objective: Post a score to the online leaderboard.

 Sharpshooter (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 10 Botz without missing a shot in a game of Botz Invasion.

 Smooth Mover (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Depth Charge without hitting any walls.

 Star Barred (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Aqua Speeder without picking up more than 20 Stars.

 Stay on target! (Bronze)
Objective: Boost 5 times in a row without crashing in Death Speeder.

 Storm Chaser (Bronze)
Objective: Hit at least 10 different wind vortices in Depth Dive and still complete the game.

 Stream Saver (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Neutron Nudger without any Botz damaging the energy sphere.

 Surfcrest Bay (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock Surfcrest Bay region.

 Taste of Victory (Bronze)
Objective: Win your first gold spaceship.

 Teacher’s Pet (Bronze)
Objective: Input 3 consecutive codes correctly in Cannon Codes.

 The Mighty Boost (Bronze)
Objective: Boost through all the rings in any single stage of Cloud Rush.

 The right way is the wrong way (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Manic Melter by only twisting the platform clockwise.

 They mostly come at night, mostly (Bronze)
Objective: Play Rolling Horror between 00:00 and 01:00.

 Throwdown (Bronze)
Objective: Challenge a PlayStation Network friend.

 Timeless (Bronze)
Objective: Score at least 28,000 points in Chalet Shover without using any Clock pickups.

 Twisty Root Groove (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock Twisty Root Grove region.

 Watch the Birdy (Bronze)
Objective: Collect 3 bird pickups in a single game of Tower of Boing.

 Cat-alouged (Silver)
Objective: All Moggers collected.

 Competent Deviant (Silver)
Objective: Win at least a silver spaceship on all games.

 Exhibitionist (Silver)
Objective: All gallery items unlocked.

 Fint the Time (Silver)
Objective: Collect 1,000 Clocks.

 Grave Digger (Silver)
Objective: Destroy 500 Dead ‘Uns.

 Over-boinged (Silver)
Objective: Bounce a Deviant 1,500 times.

 Starry Eyed (Silver)
Objective: Collect 5,000 Stars.

 Terminated (Silver)
Objective: Destroy 2,500 Botz.

 Devilish Deviant (Gold)
Objective: Win a gold spaceship on all games.

 Trophyumphant (Platinum)
Objective: Unlock all other trophies.


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