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Michael Jackson: The Experience
PlayStation Vita

 Freeway Dancer! (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Speed Demon 6 times

 Not Alone (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock, equip and dance with the alternate costume on Leave Me Alone

 Out on the Dance floor (Bronze)
Objective: Draw only lines and spins during Freestyle on Blood on The Dance Floor

 Papparazzi! (Bronze)
Objective: Score at least 80,000 on Billie Jean

 Still Not Enough! (Bronze)
Objective: Win 3 multiplayer Battles on Donít Stop ĎTil You Get Enough

 The Setlist (Bronze)
Objective: Complete every song once

 The Spectator (Bronze)
Objective: Watch any song in the "On demand Performance" Mode

 The Tour Begins... (Bronze)
Objective: Become a Trainee (Level 2)

 Thriller Tonight! (Bronze)
Objective: Get a B grade or better on Thriller (Medium difficulty)

 Zombie Dance (Bronze)
Objective: Perform the special Thriller move during Freestyle

 A Smooth Criminal... (Silver)
Objective: Hold a Max Combo Level for 90 seconds on Smooth Criminal (Medium difficulty)

 Feeliní Good! (Silver)
Objective: Complete 150 Perfect moves on The Way You Make Me Feel (Medium difficulty)

 Remember the Sequence! (Silver)
Objective: Perform the secret freestyle sequence on Remember The Time

 Rock The Night Away! (Silver)
Objective: Donít miss a single move on Rock With You (Medium difficulty)

 Supernatural! (Silver)
Objective: Perform 250 Perfect moves on Ghosts

 The Tour Continues... (Silver)
Objective: Become a Dance Fanatic (Level 10)

 Top of the World! (Silver)
Objective: Get the highest score in the leaderboard on Black or White

 Wardrobe! (Silver)
Objective: Unlock, equip and dance with an alternate costume for the first time

 Whoís Bad? (Silver)
Objective: Get an A grade on Bad (Medium difficulty)

 A Glove for Any Occasion! (Gold)
Objective: Unlock all the Gloves in the game.

 Figure Collector (Gold)
Objective: Unlock all the Michael Jackson Figures in the game

 Going Hollywood... (Gold)
Objective: Perform 50 Perfect moves in a row on Hollywood Tonight (Expert difficulty)

 Legendary (Gold)
Objective: Become Legend (Level 20)

 Perfect Expert (Gold)
Objective: Perform 30 Perfect moves in a row on Thriller (Expert difficulty)

 The Negiotiator (Gold)
Objective: Score 145,000 Points on Beat It

 Unbreakable (Platinum)
Objective: Obtain all the trophies in Michael Jackson The Experience HD


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